SunGrain Invest – is agrotrader №1 as of its growth dynamics

Since the moment of our setting up in 2015 we have been a reliable partner with unblemished reputation, taking a high position on the agrarian market. The Company is a part of the group of companies of Falcon Group (Switzerland).

We provide the full range of services in financing, purchasing, storage, transportation and sale of harvest to world markets, at the same time we guarantee quick payments with a supplier.

We carry out purchasing of agricultural products in grain elevators and in ports, we take them directly from farms and we carry out forward purchasing. We work under the conditions of FCA, CPT, EXW in the whole territory of Ukraine.

During 5 years of our irreproachable activity we have exported more than 2 million tons of grain crops to different countries.

During work period the volume of purchased goods is:

Volume of grains,
2015 – 2016
2016 – 2017
2017 – 2018